ValleyView Chiropractic Massage

Carri Lawrence

I started seeing David several year's ago when I started having issues with my hamstring while trailrunning. I was a little skeptical to go to a chiropractor but he was well recommended by my running coach. After seeing David for the first time, I was convinced he was not your typical chiropractor. I was expecting the typical 5 minute visit with a couple cracks and turns and off I go. David spent over 45 minutes with me assessing my issue, and then did a series of active release techniques (ART) and showed me several exercises to work on in between our sessions. I never felt that I was obligated to come see him on a regular basis. In fact, I saw him periodically off and on depending how I was feeing. Since this time, I have trusted David and appreciated his knowledge and expertise. In January 2014, after several weeks of pain and frustration with physiotherapists, I learned I had a fracture in my back and osteoarthritis in my hip. I had registered for the 120 mile TransRockies Trail Race in Colorado in August 2014 and pretty much figured there was no way I would be able to train for this race, let alone finish it. I sent David the X-rays right away, and he told me there is no reason I can't keep training for this race and finish it. David worked with me off and on over the 7 months I trained, performing ART and showing me exercises to continue to work on to build my core muscles and strengthen areas I was weak. I believe his confidence and advice allowed me to not only finish the TransRockies race, but finish it uninjured. I can't thank David enough for his patience, confidence and advice.