ValleyView Chiropractic Massage

Rene Unser

I refer my athletes to David and tell people every week about how great David is and why.  I feel 100% referring him to P.A.C.E, Global, Kelowna Cycle athletes and anyone I happen to run into looking for someone to provide an educated opinion or help with an injury.   Not to mention how much David has helped me as a fitness leader, ultra runner and cyclist.  I have so much confidence in his practice.  Further, I trust that if David is not able to help me, he will do the necessary research to refer me to where I need to go with my best interest in mind.  As a coach, I refer all my athletes to David with the same amount of confidence.  My referrals ultimately reflect upon me and my business.  So if I didn't feel so good about the person David is and the job he does, I wouldn't pass my athletes along to him to get help.  David has made a difference in my athletics and in my business helping people in the community live a healthy and successful lifestyle in sport.

Rene Unser | P.A.C.E. Sports Fitness Owner & Director